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Kraken-Nomad Trade

Matt (Foothill Nomads) and I (Brooklyn Kraken) have agreed to a trade. We believe this fits under the salary cap based on our math and the 25% remaining salary rule for this season:

Kraken trade Tanner Roark ($9M, 2019), Matt Belisle ($1.8M, 2018), Brandon Guyer ($2M, 2018), Kyle Wright (minors) and their 1st round pick in next years minor league draft to the Nomads.

Nomads trade Giancarlo Stanton ($16.2M, 2018 and their 2nd round pick in next years minor league draft to the Kraken.

Matt to confirm when he's available.

Brooklyn Kraken

Re: Kraken-Nomad Trade

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Nomads confirm.  Thanks Dan.  I really enjoyed the negotiation.
Mother Lode Argonauts

Re: Kraken-Nomad Trade

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Goodness.  That's a great trade for both teams.  Well done, guys.  Too bad you'll still be looking up at me both this year and next.
Kyle - 2008, 2015, 2019 MSB Champion.

Re: Kraken-Nomad Trade

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Trade confirmed.
Phoenix Miners


Re: Kraken-Nomad Trade

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trade processed in the database
Scurvy Dogs