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Pittsburgh and Argonautsmake trade

Pittsburgh trades Jassen Dominguez and a 5th rd pick
To the Argonauts for JT Brubaker and a 3rd rd pick
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Re: Pittsburgh and Argonautsmake trade

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Argonauts confirm.

I liked some of Brubaker's peripherals when I signed him, but what I liked the most was the name. It just sounded like he should be the hired gun in a western. It sounded like that so much, that I wondered if ithe name might have actually been.

After a Google search, it turns out he should have been a Warden battling to clean up an abusive and corrupt prison.

Close enough.

Best of luck in your new endeavors, Brukaber.

Good working with you John.
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Re: Pittsburgh and Argonautsmake trade

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Trade confirmed and processed in database.
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Re: Pittsburgh and Argonautsmake trade

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Apologies for the delay.  Been traveling for about a month.

Trade confirmed.
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