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Re: GIG-2019 Round 9

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1.a. Mike Trout
1.b. 38
2.a. Yes
2.b. .341
3.a. Mike Trout
3.b. 274
4.a. No
4.b. 6
4.d. 62
5. Jay Bruce, Matt Carpenter, Rougned Odor
6.a. Koi
6.b. Miners
6.c. Devils
6.d. Argonauts
Phoenix Miners

Re: GIG-2019 Round 9

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1a. Davis
1b. 39

2a. No
2b. .336

3a. Ramirez
3b. 269

4a. No
4b. 5
4c. 60

5a. Odor

6a. Kraken
6b. Landlubbers
6c. Brewers
6d. Argonauts

The Argonauts made a number of trades but still think they have a respectable team and have no intention of giving up 1st place in the Frick.
Mother Lode Argonauts

Re: GIG-2019 Round 9

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1a) Davis
b) 38

2a) Yes
b) .330

3a) Trout
b) 272

4a) No
b) 7
c) N/A
d) 61

5) Odor

6a) Koi
b) Miners
c) Devils
d) Rougarou
Brooklyn Kraken

Re: GIG-2019 Round 9

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1) K Davis, 42
2) No, .337
3) Jose Ramirez, 286 (he and Trout went on a TEAR in Round 9!) . The 3rd place guy (Jose Baez) is at 262.
4) No, 6, N/A, 62
5) Carpenter and Odor remained at 1 (If you named Carpenter, I didn't dock you since Craig didn't play him during Round 9).  Bruce, Muncy, and Moncada all GIDP'd.
6) Koi, Landlubbers, Devils, Argonauts
Kyle - 2008, 2015, 2019 MSB Champion.