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GIG-2019 End-of-Season Post #2!

After tallying the Cy Young and MVP predictions from the beginning of the season, we have a 3-way tie for 2nd place!  Crazy!

Again, congrats to Matt for outpacing the field by a wide margin between 1st and 2nd place - 11 points!  But take a look at the 2nd-thru-11th place: only 9 points separate those teams!  That's amazing.

Congrats to Dan, Brian Barnes, and yours truly (can one congratulate himself?), for tying for that runner-up spot with 106 points each.

To break the tie, I consulted with the CO and we believe the best way to achieve this to use the results from GIG-2020's Round 1.  Since the rewards don't come until July, 2020, there's no harm in waiting, right?  A little suspense never hurt anybody. So to be clear, Dan, Kyle, and Brain B.'s individual tallies from GIG-2020, Rnd 1 will determine the order of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place (out in the cold - no joy for 4th place).  If there is still a tie at the end of Round 1, we'll continue into Round 2, and so on.
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Running the GIG-2019 was fun, indeed.  However, if any of you guys want to take a round in 2020, let me know.  I can work up a schedule of guys creating questions throughout the season, if anyone is willing. 
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Re: GIG-2019 End-of-Season Post #2!

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I would be interested for certain.
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