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Brewers player on the block

With this year not going how we had hoped in Grants Pass the Brewers are throwing in the towel and looking to the future.  We've got a few guys that could be difference makers for a contender down the stretch and in the playoffs. Guys like Yu Darvish (2022, $12.35M), Eduardo Rodriguez (2021, $5.5M), Tommy Pham (2021, $6.5M), and CJ Cron (2021, $2.25M).  Marcus Semien (2022, $6.25M) and Ketel Marte (2021, $9M) could be had too, but with some ideas for them to still be involved in the future of the club they would be less likely to move.

Young major leaguers or guys who are close to the show would be my priority, but I'm willing to talk anything for the future.

Brandon Crews
Grants Pass Brewers