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Help for the Stretch

While most of my big names are long gone, Hendricks, Jeffress and Happ would make nice additions to your squad. The rest of the guys are bench guys or innings eaters at best but maybe they could help solidify your 40 man to get you to the playoffs. At any event they can be had for cheap.

I'm interested in picks next year and have a ton of cap room so I can eat short term bad contracts to make deals work and maybe even give you some breathing room to make other deals. Message me or email and we'll see if we can make something happen.

Kyle Hendricks (10M/23) - VG starter with a 3.67 ERA and good numbers vs both lefties and righties. Keeps the ball on the ground and the walks down. Still 67.1 innings to reach 100% for you this year.

Jeremy Jeffress (3.75M/21) - Not a ton of run left for the regular season at 93% but 2021 Mutiny All-Star (2.79 ERA in 61.1 innings) gives you a nice pen arm for the playoffs and the contract is up at the end of the year.

Ian Happ (1.5M/21 ARB1) - The recently acquired Happ gives you a nice switch hitter with VG power and VG running. He can play all over the field (minus ss and c). A .767 OPS vs lefties isn't to shabby but he hits righties better at .792 with well over 300 at bats left. While 2021 has been a struggle up until a month ago, he's been lights out since and his stats have moved to respectable and it will be interesting to see what he ends up with if the hot streak continues. Take a shot on him for the stretch with the chance to keep him for two more years depending on how real life goes over by end of the season.

Stephen Vogt (2M/21) - Hits righties well to the tune of .781 OPS which gives you a nice power hitting platoon option at catcher with the flexibility to play 1b and lf as well. Still has 108 at bats left vs. righties so he still has a good amount of run.

J.D. Davis (4M/22) - Multi-positional (1b, 3b, lf, rf) slugger with a .786 OPS overall. He hits lefties particularly well (.827 OPS) with loads of playing time left vs. both lefties and righties.

Franklin Barreto (500K/22 Rookie) - Vg power all over but low OBP limits him. Still he gives you nice pop off the bench at 1b, 3b, ss, lf and cf. Still tons of at bats.

Miguel Andujar (500K/22 Rookie) - Injuries have really derailed this prospect, but the projection disk gave us a potentially useful power bat off the bench who plays 1b, 3b, lf. Lots of at bats and a .744 OPS all around. He hits lefties best.

Derek Fisher (500K/21) - Helped by the projection disk, you'll get 200 more at bats with .754 OPS with VG power. He plays all the OF positions well so he might fit nicely as a platoon type or off your bench,

Shogo Akiyama (350K/23) - CF with speed offers a nice platoon with a .764 OPS. Still 228 at bats to spare. Hits righties best.

Shin Soo Choo (4.55M/22) - Unfortunately Choo will finish his underrated career in Korea so he'll be a dead salary in 22. Still he offers a great leadoff player with VG speed, steals and power. He has about 75 at bats to reach 100% so he can still really help down the stretch hitting .806 vs Righties. Because of his dead contract in 22 he's yours for a song.

Jeff Hoffman (500K/21) - High projection disk ERA but his splits show a better pitcher and that has proven true with a 3.19 ERA in 53.2 DMB innings. Just under 100 innings left for this cheap innings eater.

Lucas Sims (250K/22) - Projection disk gives you 4.79 ERA and 65 more innings of run to get you through the season. Cheap innings if you need them and next year he gives you a nice cheap reliever.

Taylor Clarke (500K/22) - Similar to Sims he's an innings eater with 124 left this year and then gives you a cheap pen arm next year.

Pedro Strop (250K/22) - 3.89 ERA out of the pen with lots of innings to spare (30.2).

Sergio Romo (450K/21) - Decent reliever who controls righties pretty well. Tough in a jam an has only used 36% of his playing time.
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Re: Help for the Stretch

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Again, most of the players are bench fodder at best and can be had on the very cheap, but Hendricks, Jeffress and now Happ are good options to improve your team.
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