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Sept. 24

Playoff Race Highlights

Uecker Division
~ Grants Pass drops a 2-1 decision to New York, but following Rolla's 6-2 defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh, the Brewers secure their second straight division crown and a spot in the playoffs.  Congratulations to the Grants Pass franchise.

Harwell Division
~ Brooklyn walks off . . . literally, when Howie Kendrick works a nine pitch walk in the bottom of the 11th with the bases loaded.  Chicago takes a 5-0 lead into the late innings before the Rogers brothers implode during a six run Motor City 8th inning rally.  The Kraken extend their division lead to two games and reduce their magic number to 1.

Frick Wild Card
~ The resurrection of Scurvy over the second half of the season is nothing short of miraculous.  After a sub-.500 first half, the Dogs boast the second best record in the league since the All-Star break with a 46-23 mark.  After a 7-1 victory over Phoenix tonight, the Dogs stand just one game behind the Miners in the race for the first wild card position in the Frick.  Mother Lode dispatches Moonstruck, 5-2, knocking the Blues to the brink of elimination, two games back of Scurvy for the final wild card slot in the Frick.
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