Mother Lode Argonauts

Matt joined the pre-cursor to the Mutiny in the middle of the league’s inaugural season in 2006.  With an immediate change from the awkward Buffet’s Brawlers team name (who and what?) to a sledge hammer powered overhaul of the roster, the newly branded Folsom Felons made the playoffs two seasons later.

In time the league seas proved rough and Matt helped lead the Mutiny that led to today’s league.  Arghhh!  A member of the original three-person Commissioner team, they worked hard to develop a competitive, fun and friendly experience guided by a vision of a league that looks, feels, and functions as similarly to the real game as possible.

From the Buffet’s Brawlers, to the Felons, to the Nomads and now to the Mother Lode Argonauts, this franchise has developed a winning tradition that has them sitting on the threshold of 1,000 wins. Their success has been built on the three-tiered philosophy of acquiring young talent, player development, and the willingness to field a fluid roster.  That quick turnaround early in the franchise’s history bred an ethic that pushes the Argonauts to field a competitive team year in and year out.  Expect a third World Series Championship in the near future.

Major and Minor League Rosters