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Three Trades in Four Days Makes for a Happy Rumormonger

Sources indicate the Lakeview organization may just be getting started after sending the underachieving Eric Hosmer to the Cache Hogs earlier today.  Hosmer makes the playoff picture brighter for the Cache Hogs who hold a small lead over the Windy City Rattlers for the final playoff spot in the Harwell. In return Todd Frazier goes to Lakeview.

Ryan Braun may be the next player on his way out of town. The righthanded outfielder has struggled in 2018 but does offer some positional flexibility playing enough games to qualify at first base. His 2017 was much better hitting .823 and he is signed to a reasonable 3M per year contract albeit to 2020. It is believed the Rougarou are looking for a similar return to the Hosmer deal.

  • Outside of their never-ending search for limes, the Scurvy Dogs are said by team Insiders to be in hunt pitching. The search appears to be out of concern that with current usage rates they may not be able to meet the requirements of the new playing time limits rules. Early season rankings by Prospect Central has the Dogs with the 8th best minor league system so they should have some talent on the farm to shop with however team sources insist there is no need for anything rash.
  • Following up on earlier reports, the Madmen are in rebuild mode. After jettisoning Porcello over the weekend, they still continue to aggressively push Josh Donaldson 10.5M/2019, Brian Dozier 8.25M/2019, Jay Bruce 3.75M/2020 and Matt Moore 3M/2020. In pitching thin Mutiny, Moore may be of interest for teams trying to fill  innings but with poor a 2017 and 2018 there won’t be much more to him. The once mighty Donaldson has struggled to stay healthy in 2018 so far being limited to 137 at bats at printing. But keep in mind, in 2017 he carried a .944 OPS through 415 at bats. Dozier has also struggled to meet his standards in 2018 but has seen a resurgence over the last few weeks and will look to finish strong. His 2017 numbers could boost a team in the playoff hunt by combining steady defense with a nice .856 OPS in 617 at bats. Bruce has a more reasonable contract but has struggled to stay healthy in 2018. He does provide help for the stretch run with an .832 OPS in 555 at bats.
  • Circuits are always busy in Bakersfield due to the constant trade talk coming from Bakersfield Bum General Manager Brendt Crews. As we have seen throughout the year, they will continue to pursue future assets 2020 as they bring the fledgling franchise up to speed.


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